• 29/12/2019

10 Tips on making your home more energy efficiency

10 Tips on making your home more energy efficiency

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As we move into the new year Torquay Select Homes is making some very exciting advancements in the design and construction of 7 Star energy efficient homes. In a time where sustainability is more prevalent than ever, we hope to help each of our clients achieve both their design and sustainability goals when it comes to building their dream home and lifestyle.

To help you on your way to achieving this level of sustainable design in your new build, we have put together our top 10 tips to making your home more energy efficient.

Tip 1: There are huge passive cooling benefits from a well designed home and effective shading.

Tip 2: Orientation can make or break your home’s energy efficiency. Careful site selection and plan orientation can maximise passive solar gain to your living spaces saving money, reliance on mechanical methods and conserving valuable resources. ⠀

Tip 3: Solar Panels are just one of the ways of heating your home by harnessing the sun …. saving you money & reliance on resource-draining mechanical methods. ⠀

Tip 4: Thermal Mass – The location and type of thermal mass can significantly increase your homes energy efficiency. By harnessing solar gain through north facing windows in Winter the heat will be released as your home cools at night reducing reliance on mechanical means. In Summer, thermal mass will absorb the heat from the warm air helping to cool your home. Materials that store heat include stone, concrete, masonry, brick & tiles and are definitely worth including in your homes design.

Tip 5: Passive Cooling – Take advantage of southerly cool changes and cooler night air with cross-flow ventilation incorporated into your next home.  Louvres are an easy way to actively control air flow through your home with less reliance on mechanical means and effectively flush out stale air.  Consider the position of your openings to maximise the potential for cost savings and increased comfort.
Stay tuned for other passive heating & cooling tips in the coming days!



Tip 6: Efficient Appliances: Did you know that household appliances account for approximately 30% of the total residential energy consumption with lighting an additional 12%? It is so important when trying to improve your homes’ energy efficiency to select appliances that feature optimal star ratings….the more stars – the more efficient!

This will not only reduce your costs but also overall energy consumption which is significant as electricity is still mainly produced using fossil fuels (but that’s a topic for another day). More stars = cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
Stay tuned for other tips in the coming days!

Tip 7: Glazing: Window position, size and type can drastically improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. If possible opt for double-glazing and maximise north facing windows for passive solar gain. Consult an expert for advice for the best option for your home.

Tip 8: Insulation: On a day like today….43 degrees and sweltering on the Surf Coast – you want decent insulation to keep your home cool and rely less on mechanical cooling.  Same goes in Winter to keep your home warmer.  It really is a relatively inexpensive option that is worth upgrading in your home to provide extra comfort, resource and cost savings.

Tip 9: Choose durable materials over high maintenance low durability to reduce resource requirements and on-going costs for long term gains.

Tip 10: Landscaping: Well considered species selection and position can shade your home in the height of Summer to northern windows and facade and then if deciduous, allow sunlight into the interior in Winter. Effective temperature control that will reduce heating and cooling costs! Clever landscape and home design can also integrate indoor and outdoor spaces so we can enjoy the outdoors year round.

If you would like to learn more about building a 7 Star or more energy efficient home, please feel free to get in touch today to chat to our dedicated team of tradespeople and designers.